Frequently Asked Questions

Can the herbal medication be taken with orthodox medicine?

Anjela: Yes, it can be taken alongside orthodox medication. If you come to see me for a consultation, I would like you to bring any orthodox medication you may be taking so that I can look into the drug/herb/nutrient interactions and prescribe the necessary herbs accordingly.

In what form is the medicine in?

Anjela: The medicine can come in herbal tincture, capsules, powders as well as dried herbs for internal use. Externally it can be given as a cream oil, lotion, shampoo, bath milk etc.

How long does the medicine take to work?

It will take around 4 to 6 weeks for you to see some improvement. You might need to take the medicine for longer depending on your condition.

What if I don't have a diagnosed condition?

Anjela: That is perfectly fine, during the consultation I will go through your full case history and discuss the possible diagnoses. If needed, I will advise that you get any necessary tests done via your GP or privately.

Can young children take herbal medication?

Anjela: Yes, they can take herbal medicine- it is safe and effective. Personally, I don't prescribe herbal medicine for internal use for infants under 1 years old, however I do provide external treatment for infants who are suffering from eczema, dry skin and other skin conditions.

Got a question?

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