Consultations and Fees


Initial consultations will take up to one hour. Anjela will ask you about your existing condition as well as your full medical history, diet and lifestyle. Anjela will measure your blood pressure during the consultation and, if needed, your blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels. A urine analysis, a peak flow test (lung function test) and a food intolerance test may also be carried out if necessary.

Follow-up consultations will tend to take about half an hour. This will usually consist of Anjela finding out how effective the medication is and if the prescription should be changed or altered according to the patients progress.


Initial consultation: £45

Follow-up consultation: £25

Telephone consultation: £35

Health MOT: £20

Health MOT

This is a general health check which includes the following tests:

  • Blood cholesterol
  • Blood sugar 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Weight analysis- this include measurements of height, weight, BMI, fat percentage, total body fat and visceral fat.


You can book a consultation with Anjela from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday at the clinic.

 If you are unsure about whether herbal medicine will suit your needs, feel free to visit the Natural Health Clinic or call to find out more.