About Anjela Jeganathan

About Anjela

Anjela has over 23 yrs of experience in the natural medicine field.  While working at the Nutri Centre as a Nutritional adviser in the early years of her career, her job there was to give advise to clients, nutritionists and pharmacists regarding nutritional /herbal supplements and their nutrition/drug/herb interactions.

Anjela finished her Degree in Herbal Medicine from Westminster University, London in 2001. During her time at the University she took several Nutritional modules to better her knowledge in Nutrition and Diet. She started practising full time since graduation and has continued ever since. Anjela sees patients 6 days a week and has helped to treat numerous ailments over the years. She regularly appears in live call-in programmes on Tamil satelite TV where she has been able to reach out to all migrants across Europe and other parts of the world.

Anjela's prescriptions include herbs, speciality supplements and dietary changes to get the body back to optimum health. Anjela include many Ayurvedic herbs from India and Sri Lanka along side Western herbs in order to get optimum results. 

Anjela's onsite dispensary contains over 250 herbs from all around the world. Anjela's specialist areas are in treating infertility, male /female hormonal issues and skin conditions like eczema, vitiligo and psoriasis. Since Anjela is very careful with the herbs she uses and the potency she uses, it normally takes about 4-6 weeks for the treatment to have a positive improvement. 

Please feel free to visit Anjela at the  Clinic or speak to her over the phone to find out if she can help with your health issues. If Anjela is busy then please leave your number and she will call you back as soon as possible.